Birthdays - January

Ashbee, Mary Kaminski, Rose

Rodocker, Frances

Barr, Mary Jo Kappler, Barry Saffle, Dorothy
Bartung, Ella Kirkbride, Etta Schramm, Roberta
Brooke, J.D. Light, Donna Schwertfeger, Mary
Corso, Violet Meadows, Thelma Stiles, Virginia

Cross, Mildred

Morris, Helen

Tennant, Mary

Crossley, Charles

Mulinix, Margaret

Tustin, Vivian

Dietch, Becky

Norberg, Judith

Ulizio, Roland

Fox, John H. Paige, Anna M. Walters, Sally
Gallagher, Kathy Patton, Margaret Wandling, Ann
Gettinger, Stella Penrod, Ronald Weekley, Elda
Hillyad, Beverly Porreca, Linda Westfall, Della
Hissom, Ruth Powell, Barbara Zadzilko, Esther

Hukill, Martha

Riggs, Ethelle


  RSVP Fundraisers

Shop online at  iGive to help RSVP.  26% goes to RSVP with tax deduction

*Recycling Ink Cartridges/Old Cell Phones 

Thank you Volunteers for donating 383 food/toy items to Catholic Charities in Brooke- Hancock-Ohio-Marshall Counties.  We had a wonderful time thanks to St. Anthony providing volunteers, refreshments and hall, to Brooke County Senior Center, Weirton Senior Center, Hancock County Senior Center and Family Services of Wheeling assisting with transportation.  Special thanks to Margret Freshwater for baking the delicious cookies and volunteers Josephine Patrone and Florence Kahley who assisted with candle favors, also a thank you to Santa Clause, Russell Reed, and RSVP staff.  To see the fun:

AARP Tax Preparation coming in February 2009

It's coming that time again. Tax Season
Greater Weirton Senior Center - Monday thru Friday 10:00 to 3:30 p.m. Walk-in’s are welcome no appointment necessary.
Brooke County Senior Center - Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. 
MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Please call 527-3410.  

Please bring 2008 paid personal property tax receipts with prior year tax information.






Welcome Volunteers

Please welcome:  Sandra Fitzpatrick, Mary Jo Barr, Anna M. Paige, Madeline R. McDevitt, Barbara Lynn Powell, Clara Cerminara and Karen Santora

RSVP Volunteers Having Fun

RSVP has fun on Yankee Lake Day trip to see the Branson Christmas Show. 

RSVP will hold a training session in honor of Martin Luther King on Money Matters.  Training will deal with money fraud/scams via mail /internet.  January 21, 2009, 1:00 p.m. at the Brooke County Senior Center

2008 Highlights

RSVP welcomed 52 new volunteers, 9 new stations and served over 58,000 hours.

  • Hosted Day Trips: Sugarcreek and Yankee Lake Trip
  • Initiated Follansbee Neighborhood Watch Program with CPR instruction.
  • Hosted First Recognition Luncheon for over 200 volunteers with Jefferson County Ohio RSVP.
  • Welcomed first TV ad for MLK Event.
  • Distributed 352 File of Life Packets, over 100 books, and over 60 filled garbage bags of clothing to Appalachian outreach.
  • Hosted Christmas Service Project Dance with St. Anthony’s Church  Donated 383 food/toys to Catholic Charities
  • Donated 161 lap robes and 104 slippers to area adult care facilities and shelters.
  • Totaled over 400 volunteers and over 58,000 volunteer hours.

* RSVP Volunteers Needed

* 8 Volunteers needed to assist with RSVP  AFTERSCHOOL CHILDREN’S Program to start mid January.  Hours:  Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Brooke County Senior Center to supervise homework and activities.  Please contact RSVP office by January 5, 2008 to give time for background checks! open house to be held
January 6, 2009 7:00 p.m. at the Brooke County Senior Center.

* Brooke County Committee on Aging needs volunteers to serve at local nutrition sites.
* Home Delivered Meals - Wheeling needs delivery Volunteers Thurs & Friday
(2 hours 10 a.m.-12 noon).
* The Greater Weirton Senior Center/Brooke Senior Center –Kitchen Volunteers – Thursday and Friday
* Brooke County Visitor’s Center needs volunteers, please contact Ruth Lewis at 737-2314.

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