Spread the Word: RSVP is asking for your help!  Please pass along your newsletter to a friend to help get the word out about the program activities and need for volunteers. 

Follansbee Community Gardens are up and running, garden boxes are our newest addition to accommodate handicapped volunteers. Special thanks to our two volunteer leaders Edward Wilkerson and Bill Kocher who have spent hours keeping the two gardens in ship shape so community volunteers can serve.   

Also VISTA, Alina Hopkins, who has received donations from Elite Gas Field Services, to assist with supplies and her volunteer service while engaging youth and ASAP volunteers.

Save the Date:  RSVP to hold      
40th Annual Volunteer
Recognition Luncheon
Gateway Clipper Princess on
September 26, 2013.  Boarding scheduled in Wellsburg, WV.  Look for invitation in August.

Comcast Newsmakers:  Look for VISTA, Alina Hopkins, on Comcast Newsmakers during the month of July.  Our segments can be seen on Comcast’s HLN station at :25 and :55 past the hour.  Many thanks to Comcast for their generosity which enables us to speak about RSVP and The After School Adventures Program.  Click above on image to learn about ASAP.

City of Follansbee Chamber of Commerce has set up Disaster Relief Fund and has adopted The Barrett Family from Newcastle, Oklahoma.

All contributions welcome great and small! Click above image to get more information about up-coming event calendar.

RSVP ASAP:  ASAP has been very busy! Read about  RSVP ASAP  in the Newsletter. 

RSVP State Wide: Thank you, CNCS State Program Specialist, Karlisa E. Bradley, for sharing your Monthly Report for West Virginia Projects. We appreciate all you do. Click here to view report.


Fundraisers:   ( April 1 - Yearly Registration) Register your Kroger Plus Card online to help RSVP.  Kroger - Community - Community Rewards If you need help call 304.527.3410 and we’ll walk you through.  Select Ohio, enroll at the store you shop and select Charity Organization Name:
Organization Number: 83852 (No Computer? Call the office and we’ll send you a barcode to contribute
) Just need to use your card to contribute!  IT’S EASY! 
ALL CURRENT PARTICIPANTS Must Re-Enroll April 1 to continue earning rewards for RSVP.  Please call the office; we’ll register for you if you need assistance! VERY IMPORTANT TO RSVP!   Thank You.

Shop online at iGive to help RSVP  26% goes to RSVP with tax deduction.  http://www.igive.com/welcome/warmwelcome.cfm?c=48205&m=0 

RSVP ASAP fundraiser needs your assistance, please drop off your receipts at the RSVP office or your local Smith Oil dealer and RSVP will receive 1% of your purchase.

 Fundraisers:  Recycle and help your RSVP fundraise.  Drop off your used ink cartridges and cell phones at your local RSVP office.

Brightwood Center and HealthSouth are offering a presentation on Stroke Prevention, Wednesday, June 26, 2013 from 2PM to 4PM in the Fiesta Dining Room.

URGENT!... Brooke-Hancock Nutrition is looking for a volunteer, Mon thru Fri, at The Greater Weirton Senior Center. Please call 304.527.3410.  One hour per day!  BINGO assistance is needed on Friday evenings (smoking)

AARP is needing volunteer to assist with the Driver's Safety Program.


Welcome (RSVP Volunteer Handbook)
Mario DiPaolo, Cheryl Kondik, Rev. Scott Thayer, Nora White, and Sherry Wilson.

Volunteer Assistant(s): Tiffany Bright, Danielle Curtis, Christopher Cutri, and Ronald Slaughter II.

Volunteer Recruiter(s): Jim Brooks, Alina Hopkins, Shari Dami, Helen Moren, and Becky Atkinson.

Welcome: Pauline R. Boring from Wheeling, WV is RSVP's newest staff member.  She is the Marshall County ASAP Coordinator.  She will be recruiting volunteers and working with RSVP's VISTA in Marshall County, April M. Gould of NY.  Welcome, and best wishes in your new position.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact her at 304.905.0673 or email pboring@RSVPwv.org.

Special Thanks:  RSVP Director, Angela Kocher visits Iona McColloch and Brent Weimer as they volunteer for Central Blood Bank.  Also thanks to Emma Kay Weimer who also assisted. 

Thank you:  RSVP volunteers who assisted with City of Follansbee beautification project.  Volunteers were:  Hank Vincent, Mark Wagner, Josephine Patrone, Rae Tate, Anne E. Berardi, Antoinette Wilkerson, and pictured right, Cathy Anderson.

Recruitment Results for April and May


Number of Volunteers

Brooke High School


Baker Vocational Services, LLC


Ed Wilkerson


Helen Moren


HSWC, Becky Atkinson


Jim Brooks


Rita Angalich


RSVP Newsletter


United Way VISTA  A. Hopkins


RSVP, Angela Kocher


RSVPwv Website


Ruth Perry


Vocational Works


WSC, Shari Dami


Please be sure to remind your volunteer recruits to give your name as recruiter at time of their registration.  Thank you to all participants who have assisted RSVP in months of April and May with volunteer referrals.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication; please keep up the good work.

Weirton Medical Center is required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment as part of the requirements of the IRS 990 form as a tax exempt hospital.  The CHNA is prepared on behalf of Weirton Medical Center (Hospital), and focuses on areas in, and surrounding, Weirton, West Virginia.  The study considers services offered by hospitals in the area, population trends, socio-economic demographics and the region’s overall sufficiency of healthcare providers in the community.  The study included data obtain from numerous health organizations as well as interviews with community leaders, hospital staff and the Hospital’s Board of Directors.  This information is being used to determine the Community’s future health needs.   We ask you to take 10 minutes to complete the survey below to help Weirton Medical Center complete the necessary requirement of community surveys.  Your response is completely confidential but is important to the needs of community as well as Weirton Medical Center.

WVSCDA Directors honor RSVP Director Brenda Miller-Mann in her forty years of service to Senior Corps! We wish you well in your future endeavors!

Brooke - Hancock - Ohio- Marshall

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