Spread the Word:  RSVP is asking for your help!  Please pass along your newsletter to a friend to help get the word out about the program activities and need for volunteers.

RSVP Received Grant Award!  RSVP is pleased to announce they received notification from Dr. Tan on February 21, 2013 at 3:20 their application for a 2013 RSVP grant has been approved by the Corporation for National and Community for a grant award pending Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations. A special thank you to CNCS staff for your technical assistance and to Tonette Alward and Alina Hopkins for you grant writing assistance.  A special congratulations to Tammy O'Dell, Betsy Southall, Terry Stone, Patti Bennett, Edna Mullenax and Anne Mcfee for your grant awards.

Nominate your Favorite Volunteer for the Governors Service Award by clicking on the above image.  Nominations due by April 12, 2013.

FREE refurbished computers for RSVP volunteers.  Distribution will be on first come first serve basis.  Contact the RSVP office at 304.527.3410 if you would like a computer.  Gretchen is currently learning how to use her computer on site at the Brooke County Senior Center.  Good Job, Gretchen!  Three volunteers have their computers on hand as more requests are being made.

RSVP has been making calls to update volunteer records, if you have a call on your answering machine, please respond as soon as possible to help us update your current information. We need all volunteer hours for year 2012 and January 2013, please complete your hour sheets. Reminder: we must have volunteer and supervisor signatures.

RSVP will also be visiting stations, to touch base with up and coming program changes. Please, look for our call.  Special Thank You to our Stations who have quickly responded to our MOU updates, contacts are still being made.


RSVP ASAP:  ASAP has been very busy! Welcome Clara Moore with NCOA.  Read about  RSVP ASAP  in the Newsletter.  Click on Alina's slide show below to find out more about RSVP ASAP!

RSVP State Wide: Thank you, CNCS State Program Specialist, Karlisa E. Bradley, for sharing your Monthly Report, January 2013, for West Virginia Projects. We appreciate all you do. Click here to view report.


 Fundraisers:  Recycle and help your RSVP fundraise.  Drop off your used ink cartridges and cell phones at your local RSVP office.

Click to Register your Kroger Plus Card online to help RSVP.    

ALL CURRENT PARTICIPANTS Must Re-Enroll April 1, of current year to continue earning rewards for RSVP.  Please call the office; we'll help you register if you need assistance. Call 304.527.3410 and we’ll walk you through.  Select Ohio, enroll at the store you shop and select Charity Organization Name:   BROOKE COUNTY COMMITTEE ON AGING RSVP Organization Number: 83852 (No Computer? Call the office and we’ll send you a barcode to contribute)  Just need to use your card to contribute!  IT’S EASY!

RSVP ASAP fundraiser needs your assistance, please drop off your receipts at the RSVP office or your local Smith Oil dealer and RSVP will receive 1% of your purchase. 

RSVP is planning to hold their 40th Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon in September 2013. 

Shop online at iGive to help RSVP  26% goes to RSVP with tax deduction.  http://www.igive.com/

Welcome (RSVP Volunteer Handbook)
Teresa Bailey, Trudy Conover, Lee Allen, Mary Jura, Dennis Moreau, Mary Alice Yaquinta, and Mary Ann Duffy

Volunteer Assistants:  Lander Nettles, Tabitha Stapleton, Joshua Miller, Jarod Stapleton, Emma Kosevic, Miranda Heitz, Kathi Moore, Alana Allen, Rob Spera, Robert Bucey, Erin Krupinski, Mary Wollaston, Randy Roberts, and Brenda Coulter.

New Station:  Table of Hope, Weirton WV. Thank you Dorothy Gorman and friend for your dedication to assist with Table of Hope and Brooke-Hancock Nutrition site.

AARP Tax Preparation Volunteers Hard at Work!
Brooke County Senior Center - Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Please call 304.527.3410.  
Please bring 2011 paid personal property tax receipts with prior year tax information.  CALL EARLY!

A special thank you to the United Methodist Church of Follansbee WV for your collaboration in providing space for AARP Tax assistance on Thursdays, allowing us to accommodate the additional tax assistance needs.

IRS representative Cassel Pulliam visits AARP Tax Site at the Brooke County Senior Center to complete a review.  His services and assistance with tax questions were greatly appreciated while he was there.  Pictured above Cassel is reviewing RSVP volunteer Sonny Crossley. Thank you for assisting the RSVP.  The AARP Tax assistance is currently scheduled through April 9, 2013.  Bill Lantz, District 1 Coordinator is working to add a second day of service starting in March.  Please be patient if trying to call 304.527.3410. We are very busy and have started a waiting list for the new days to be scheduled.

A little more about William Lantz: (Bill) started with RSVP on January 4, 2002, as a volunteer instructed under George Weigel serving 1,198 hours as AARP Tax Assistant.  George recently retired his position as 1st District Coordinator and recommended Bill as his replacement.  Bill accepted the position and attended training in Morgantown under Tom Ludwig, Betty Steen, Linda French, and Aaron Ballinger. Bill then instructed his team of three new volunteers, Elwood Beihl, Jr., Beckey Weigand, George Dragonir, and updated his right hand man Sonny Crossley serving approximately 100 hours.  Bill was very instrumental in the recruitment of the three new volunteers who now assist him.  Bill was also crucial with implementation of the networking of computers and efiling of taxes.  Good job Bill, we appreciate your hard work and dedication in keeping the AARP Tax Assistance program available to residents of Brooke and Hancock Counties. 

Bill has also assisted 8 hours with City of Follansbee beautification while maintaining his own garden.  He has assisted with 2 hours of service transporting at the Brooke County Fair and assisting 43 hours serving in fundraising events for Brooke County Senior Center and Brooke Hancock Ohio Marshall RSVP. 

Bill’s total 1,351 hours of service has added to his community $28,980 the past eleven years serving directly at least 2,000 community members.  Again, thank you for all you do, we appreciate your service.  

URGENT!... Brooke-Hancock Nutrition is looking for a volunteer, Mon thru Fri, at The Greater Weirton Senior Center. Please call 304.527.3410.  One hour per day!  BINGO assistance is needed on Friday evenings (smoking)

Table of Hope located at the First United Methodist Church on corner of West & Lee Street needs volunteer COOK assistance.  Please contact Bob McClelland at 304.914.3562.



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