Birthdays May
Austin, Carol DiCarlo, Edna Northcraft, Carol
Berner, Helene Fitzpatrick, Sandra Oliver, Inez
Berta, Anna Flynn, Deloris Paglia, Robert
Brooks, James Foster,  Margaret E. Randour, Gloria
Brooks, Nancy Hawrot, Joan Richards, Cynthia
Cameron, Barbara Herman, Louise Rojak, Margaret
Cerminara, Clara Hornak, Sylvia Roseberry, Virginia
Coulter, LaVaughn Lazear, Elwood J. Rusnak, Cathy
Croghan, Tammy Leonard, Jean Shelton, Evea
Debnar, Sarah Linquist, Mary Starko, Sally
DeGarmo, Randy McCreary, Patricia Tennant, Micha
DeSantis, Mildred McDevitt, Madeline Walker, Glynda
    Zirkle, Ruth

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Must Re-Enroll  April 1, 2010 to continue earning rewards for RSVP.  Please call the office; we’ll register for you if you need assistance! VERY IMPORTANT TO RSVP! Thank You.

Click to Register your Kroger Plus Card online to help RSVP.         

If you need help call 304.527.3410 and we’ll walk you through.  Select Ohio, enroll at the store you shop and select Charity Organization Name:   BROOKE COUNTY COMMITTEE ON AGING RSVP Organization Number: 83852 (No Computer? Call the office and we’ll send you a barcode to contribute)  Just need to use your card to contribute!  IT’S EASY!

Shop online at  iGive to help RSVP.  26% goes to RSVP with tax deduction

Look for Angela Kocher to be on Comcast Newsmakers in May.  Comcast Newsmakers provides free forum for non-profit organizations to present events and issues important to the Ohio Valley.  Comast Newsmakers can be seen at :25 and :55 minutes past the hour on CNN Headline News, Channel 33.  Thank You COMCAST NEWSMAKERS!  

RSVP "ASAP" is collecting buttons! RSVP Christmas project is needing 4 ply yarn!

RSVP Sugar Creek Trip Scheduled for May 21, 2010.  Please call RSVP 304.527.3410 to schedule. Cost $20/person.

United Way Fashion Show:  Sunday May 16, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. Williams Country Club.  Call RSVP 304.527.3410 to get your tickets for A GREAT TIME! Tickets cost $30.  Your donations to Weirton United Way are appreciated and help support RSVP!

AARP Safe Driving Class scheduled for May 24 & 25, 2010 at Baymont Inn 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. Instructor Mr. Jack Cassella. Call ro 304.527.3410 to register.

Eileen Gogol, Randi Snyder, Tom McMillan and Pamela Holden.

2010 RSVP Volunteer Recognition
ERROR ON GOOGLE DIRECTIONS:  TURN LEFT ONTO 8TH STREET NOT 6TH STREET. 37th Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon Wheeling Park White Palace Ballroom May 6, 2010 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.   Transportation provided upon request.  NO RSVP “ASAP” Due to Recognition Luncheon.

Special Thanks

RSVP Volunteers who assisted with the 2nd Annual Follansbee Community Watch Easter Egg Hunt: Tom McBride, Tom McMillan, William Kocher, Jim Brooks, Bobby Johnson and volunteer Gabe Arlia. 1st Ward Community Watch will be holding its 2nd annual neighborhood yard sale on May 22, 2010. 

Follansbee Police Officer Harry Myers and Maddie for their instruction and getting to know the RSVP “ASAP” students by answering questions, showing skills of Maddie and touring police car. 

RSVP volunteer and fireman Tom McMillan, and Ryan Brindley who assisted the RSVP “ASAP” in Fire Safety and gave students a tour of the Follansbee Fire House, fire gear and equipment.

Follansbee Library clerk, Bonnie James for showing ASAP students around the library and answering questions regarding library procedures in checking out a book.
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