Spread the Word:  RSVP is asking for your help!  Please pass along your newsletter to a friend to help get the word out about the program activities and need for volunteers.

Special Thanks:  To RSVP volunteers and stations for your support in assisting in the RSVP PROGRAM EVALUATION SURVEY.

Help RSVP Kick Off the ... TELL

          Special incentive on         March 31, 2014, will be given to the volunteer with the greatest number of recruited volunteer registrations!

We need your service to help us get the GOOD NEWS out about RSVP!

Fundraisers:   ( April 1 - Yearly Registration)Register your Kroger Plus Card online to help RSVP.   Kroger - Community - Community Rewards
If you need help call 304.527.3410 and we’ll walk you through.  Select Ohio, enroll at the store you shop and select Charity Organization Name:
Organization Number: 83852 (No Computer? Call the office and we’ll send you a barcode to contribute
) Just need to use your card to contribute!  IT’S EASY!
ALL CURRENT PARTICIPANTS Must Re-Enroll April 1 to continue earning rewards for RSVP.  Please call the office; we’ll register for you if you need assistance! VERY IMPORTANT TO RSVP!   Thank You.

Shop online at iGive to help RSVP  26% goes to RSVP with tax deduction.  http://www.igive.com/welcome/warmwelcome.cfm?c=48205&m=0 

RSVP ASAP fundraiser needs your assistance, please drop off your receipts at the RSVP office or your local Smith Oil dealer and RSVP will receive 1% of your purchase.

FREE refurbished computers for RSVP volunteers.  Distribution will be on first come first serve basis.  Contact the RSVP office at 304.527.3410 if you would like a computer.  


RSVP ASAP:  ASAP has been very busy! Read about  RSVP ASAP  in the Newsletter. 


RSVP State Wide: Thank you, CNCS State Program Specialist, Karlisa E. Bradley, for sharing your Monthly Report for West Virginia Projects. We appreciate all you do. Click here to view report.


 Fundraisers:  Recycle and help your RSVP fundraise.  Drop off your used ink cartridges and cell phones at your local RSVP office.



Brooke County In-Home Program is hosting a CPR Certification Renewal at the Brooke County Senior Center on May 23, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

Community Members MUST CALL IN TO REGISTER!304.527.3410
Please ask for Gaye Cheripko
or Angela Kocher


Weirton United Way Fashion Show
Sunday, May 19, 2013
Call 304.527.3410 - Ticket Cost $30

Thanks to RSVP Volunteers:  Volunteers assisting with Brooke County Senior Center newsletters helping to inform their community of services and activities available to help keep seniors independent. Thank you: Hattie Adams, Mildred Bayless, Maxine DiPalma, Helen Dunope, Rae Tate and Mary Tennant.

Welcome (RSVP Volunteer Handbook)
Laurajean R. Crow, Arlie R. Crow, Lee Allen, Mickey Massey, Donna Lee Rolland, and Nancy Strange. 

Special thanks to Ann Niciforos, Senator Jack Yost and Rita Angalich for your assistance in volunteer recruitment.

URGENT!... Brooke-Hancock Nutrition is looking for a volunteer, Mon thru Fri, at The Greater Weirton Senior Center. Please call 304.527.3410.  One hour per day!  BINGO assistance is needed on Friday evenings (smoking)

Table of Hope located at the First United Methodist Church on corner of West & Lee Street needs volunteer COOK assistance.  Please contact Bob McClelland at 304.914.3562.

Special Thanks to Follansbee Mayor and RSVP Volunteers recognizing April 9. 2013, as National Service Recognition Day: Mary Schwertfeger, Pat Accettolo, Janet Benzo, Hank Vincent, Alina Hopkins (AmeriCorps VISTA), Angela Kocher, RSVP Director, Julia Stankevich, Kathy Santoro, Follansbee 3rd Ward Council Representative, RSVP Advisory Council Member, Rae Tate, Nancy Waugh, Gary Riggs, RSVP Advisory Council Member. Back:  Antoinette Wilkerson, Denny Ohler, Mayor David A. Velegol, Jr., Eileen Gogol, Tonette Alward, RSVP ASAP Coordinator, Edith Cooper. 

Special Thank You to Wheeling Mayor, Andy McKenzie and Mr. Eugene T. Fehey For proclaiming April 9, 2013, as National Service Recognition Day and encouraging residents to recognize the positive impact of national service in our city, to those who serve; and to find ways to give back to their communities.  Linda Vidoni, Reggie Jackson, Tom Lash, Tonette Alward, Vicki Tomich. Addie Thornton, Kathy Torbett and Hazel Shia attended but not pictured.

RSVP Volunteer hard at work:  A little more about Becky Weigand (Wigand) from Wheeling WV.  She started with RSVP on February 2, 2010, assisting at West Virginia Birth to Three Years doing clerical service, and currently serving a total of 858 hours.  Becky was then recruited in July of 2012 to assist with the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center Root Beer fundraising event, serving 5 hours.  On September 7, 2011, Becky started also serving with the RSVP program at Warwood Christian Church Food Pantry assisting with preparing and distributing food items, currently serving a total of 273 hours where she had been serving five years prior to her RSVP registration.

While serving at the above sites, Becky has also been doing outreach service within her community serving 338 hours.  She approached me at the last Christmas Party, stating she didn’t get the call for training to assist with AARP Tax Preparing.  We had missed Becky on our list and she was persistent to approach us again.  We would have missed a treasure.  She was quick to train and considered to be a valuable asset to her co-volunteers.  We look forward to her service next year.  Her 90 plus hours of service with AARP assisted the team in preparing over 600 tax returns. Her one day a week commitment turned into two days. Becky’s service and commitment greatly impacts her community.  Becky’s year to date service of 1,562 hours has added to her community $24,600. Great service to your community Becky! Some history about Becky: she moved to the Wheeling in 1979 to further her education.  She worked at the Ohio Valley Hospital while finishing her Bachelor’s Degree, also working and being on call. She worked as an RN - First Assistant in the operating room thirty-four years.  Her hobbies are reading, gardening, crocheting, needle point, and she is very active in her church.  She is passionate about Shoe Box Christmas Child.  Becky is married to Paul and proud step parent of two boys.

Brooke - Hancock - Ohio- Marshall

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