Spread the Word:  RSVP is asking for your help!  Please pass along your newsletter to a friend to help get the word out about the program activities and need for volunteers.

Up and Coming Events: AARP Safe Driving will be holding a class for Seniors at the West Virginia Northern Community College, Room 115, on November 15, and 16, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Veterans will be able to take the class at no cost! Call RSVP at 304.527.3410 to register.  First come first serve basis.

Volunteers Hard at Work Special Thanks to volunteers who worked hard at Christmas in the Park assisting with program and volunteer recruitment.  Volunteers:  Rae Tate, Loretta Ciccarelli, who volunteered the whole day, we appreciate you and Louis Golar, Martha Gonzales, Woody Lazear, Gerri Taibi, Roger Shriner, and pictured below Sally Marple and Mel Vorhees, good friends, who met through volunteering.

Special Thanks Senator Jack Yost and Senator Orphy Klempa for the Governor’s Community Participation Grant Program request in the amount of $3,000 and to the City of Follansbee through which the grant was submitted.

Thank You: Grant Team! RSVP Coordinator, Tonette Alward and VISTA, Alina Hopkins, who worked hard to assist RSVP director in submitting the CNCS Federal Grant.  In 2009, congress passed an act that detailed many changes to national service programs, including RSVP.  The law focused national service on key outcomes and narrowed the volunteer focus to the following 6 areas of service: Economic Opportunity - Healthy Futures – Education - Environmental Stewardship - Disaster Services - Veterans & Military Families  We are being asked to re-align our volunteer stations to match the 6 focus areas congress identified; and this will mean some changes, including: targeting our future volunteer recruitment efforts and activities to the 6 focus areas of service, graduating some of the existing placement sites that do not fit into the federal required areas of service, and communication with remaining sites regarding the new level of data collection required by Senior Corps.  This does NOT mean that the volunteer station is disbanding; it simply means it may no longer be considered an RSVP volunteer placement site or have the benefit of the supplemental medical insurance provided by RSVP. 

Brooke-Hancock Nutrition is looking for a volunteer, Mon thru Wed, at The Greater Weirton Senior Center. Please call 304.527.3410. Thank you Dorothy Gorman for committing to assist Thursday and Friday.

 Fundraisers:  Recycle and help your RSVP fundraise.  Drop off your used ink cartridges and cell phones at your local RSVP office.

Click to Register your Kroger Plus Card online to help RSVP.    

ALL CURRENT PARTICIPANTS Must Re-Enroll April 1, 2011 to continue earning rewards for RSVP.  Please call the office; we'll help you register if you need assistance. Call 304.527.3410 and we’ll walk you through.  Select Ohio, enroll at the store you shop and select Charity Organization Name:   BROOKE COUNTY COMMITTEE ON AGING RSVP Organization Number: 83852 (No Computer? Call the office and we’ll send you a barcode to contribute)  Just need to use your card to contribute!  IT’S EASY!



Welcome (RSVP Volunteer Handbook)
Volunteers:  Linda Thomas, Robert Thomas and Denny Ohler

Volunteer Assistant: Michael Bogers

Special Thanks: Social Security Administration of Baltimore, MD, and Weirton Christian Center, Kim Weaver, who assisted RSVP in receiving a donation of 100 computers to help youth and RSVP volunteers.  Many do not have computers at home so RSVP will implement a program to reward children for good behavior who attend the RSVP ASAP and active volunteers who assist with RSVP programs.  Thank you, Brian James, for opening the former Nestle/Purina factory at Half Moon Industrial Park for use in distribution.  Thanks to our volunteers Jim Brooks, Lewis Brooks and Bill Kocher for assisting with loading and unloading and also to Lewis who provided trucks.


 Also thanks to, Denny Ohler, and Michael Bogers, with DDP Computer Repair (304.374.5522) pictured above, our newest RSVP recruits who will be loading operating systems.

A little more about Jim: Jim Brooks worked hard loading and unloading 100 computers.  NOT EASY!  A little about Jim, he started with RSVP August 3, 2009.  Jim says “I asked Angie to do a resume for me and I’ve been paying ever since”.   Jim’s first service, on August 8, 2009, was transporting Mary to get her hair done.  The service of 125 hours made Mary feel she mattered.  He then assisted in 2009 with the RSVP ASAP and still serves today.  His current service hours are 350.5 and he has donated in other ways such as, Pirate tickets to “his” kids.  He has painted 30 park benches serving 21.5 hours in the downtown area of Follansbee.  He’s assisted with fundraising for RSVP, Follansbee Volunteer Fire Department, and Brooke Senior Center serving 12 hours at local fairs.  He assisted 59 clients serving 4 hours with CARDIAC Screening at for Northern WV Rural Health Ed. Ctr. In 2010, Jim assisted Brooke-Hancock Nutrition by serving 7 hours delivering meals.  He participated in Neighborhood Watch trainings such as CRP preparing to serve 350 friends and neighbors.  The following year, Jim assisted with driving the shuttle at the Brooke County Fair where he served 2 hours.  He enjoyed meeting the public and even held a child to assist a mother.  He served 26 hours with the Veterans for Veterans group and 2.5 hours visiting residents of Brightwood and 5 hours at Brooke High School with the MLK Service Day event of Breaking Bread with the Bruins. His newest service has been assisting with the Community Garden helping 300 community members with food while learning some new ways to garden.  He even planted a few tomato plants that he received at the home garden show while assisting Attorney General McGraw, field representative, Amy Nickerson, with educating the public on Consumer Protection.  Jim’s total hours of service is 575.5 showing monetary contribution of $10,653.49. Good job!


RSVP ASAP:  ASAP has been very busy! Read about RSVP ASAP  in the Newsletter.

RSVP State Wide: Thank you, CNCS State Program Specialist, Karlisa E. Bradley, for sharing your Monthly Report, September 2012, for West Virginia Projects. We appreciate all you do. Click here to view report.

Look for your invitation for the upcoming RSVP Christmas Party soon!  Planning to hold the event in Ohio County on November 29, 2012.  Hope to see you there, please mark your calendar.

Find you service and register online to help your community! 


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